Online Concepts Inc can help with the right server for any need!


Blade Servers

  What a blade server icould be described as would be a thinly made high power computer stripped of all of the accessories that a normal PC has. Blade servers include just the basic processes necessary to run a processor, a motherboard, memory, a network card, as well as the necessary cables. A complete blade server system from Online Concepts Inc would include a box filled with blade servers. Blade servers can be used for a varying range of tasks. Some of the brands that we would be able to help your business with are Hewlett Packard, Dell, IBM Lenovo and Cisco. These particular brands are rated the highest and are the most reliable and dependable on the market today. Our blade server systems usually range from $30,000 to $40,000; but may go as high as $80,000 depending upon the make, model, number of servers, and speed and memory needs of your business. If you are concerned about pricing you can compare our sales quote to our competitors and you will find that we usually win every time. Also; financing  from your local bank may be available for your business. This means that their will only be a small monthly payment and it will be 100% tax deductible.  

Dell R730XD Servers and HP Proliant Server Models and IBM Lenovo Servers

  Online Concepts Inc can help your business acquire and set up Dell servers of any kind, HP servers and IBM Lenovo servers,  as well as a limited amount of Cisco servers. The servers we offer are the best in the marketplace and offer a combination of advanced quality, manageability, value and reliability. Whether you need an entry level server system for your business or an advanced option, Online Concepts Inc can help; as we have a very wide variety of servers by generation and you can choose your own configurations. Prices for these systems start at around $25,000, and may go up to $50,000 or more, depending upon which makes and models and configurations your business chooses. If paying upfront is a concern there may be financing available form your local bank.

Proxy Server Systems

  Online Concepts Inc offers proxy server systems which sit between your applications and actual systems; including your internet browsers and your real physical servers where you house your company’s important data. A proxy server will act to intercept all requests to ensure that it can in fact fulfill said request(s), then forwarding it to the real physical server if it cannot do so. This will help to take some of the work load off of your company’s physical server. This type of server (a proxy) has two main functions. One is to obviously improve network performance, and the other is to filter requests to save those requests for a certain period of time as set by you. Also, your business can use a proxy server to prevent your employees from visiting certain potentially harmful websites, and it can set other types of filters. Pricing on proxy servers may start as low as $25,000 and depending upon needs may go up as high as $50,000 or more. Online Concepts Inc. can help with all of your proxy and other server needs.