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Online Concepts Inc can save your business thousands of dollars on HPE and other IT equipment and  installations.

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Here are 7 Reasons to choose Online Concepts Inc.  

1. We can save your business money on ALL HPE Equipment!

 Because Online Concepts Inc. are HPE Business Partners we have access to the most significant discounts on all types of HPE equipment. Take advantage of our status and utilize our discounts to your businesses advantage. Because of our HPE Business Partner certification most major distributors provide us with significant discounts on both completed servers and on server components, as well as savings on all other types of networking and storage equipment.     

2. We can save your business money on Installations! 

Online Concepts Inc. works only with certified HPE installers local to your area for the installation, and we do not mark up the installation, which can save you as much as a thousand dollars or more. Many of our competitors who do business nationally fly their own technicians out to install your IT equipment; so instead of just paying for labor on a server install you are also paying for airfare, lodging, a car rental and even possibly meals for a technician. At Online Concepts Inc. we will find a certified HPE technician usually within 75 or less miles of your business to do the install, we will schedule the install; even sometimes on the same day the equipment is delivered (or within 48 hours after at most); and if your company’s IT person or IT firm happens to be a certified HPE tech, then we will use them if they are available to do the install. We want you to feel as comfortable as possible with your business’s new technology purchase, so we would actually prefer to use your IT person/firm for the install if they are HPE certified. We also want you to have ongoing access to onsite technical assistance as affordably as is possible, and your own IT person/firm can provide that  best.   

3. Get greater savings through customization! 

Because Online Concepts Inc. are able to get the best deals on both new and internal server components for HPE servers, such as Server Chasses, Intel Processors (and other brands), RAM, Hard Drives and Power Supplies, we can build your business a server or servers to your company’s exact specifications, usually for several thousand dollars less than the same server pre-built would come from the manufacturer; that is even with our HPE Business Partner discounts. You may or may not have to wait an extra week or two for your server(s); depending upon the exact configurations; but you will end up with the same server(s) (containing the same exact components), for thousands of dollars less. Speak with your IT professional or firm regarding this option.


4. We will never try to oversell your business! 

Before Online Concepts Inc. would ever recommend an expensive (yet potentially very helpful) manufacturer support package, we will always consult with both you and your business’s IT professional to see if that would make sense for your business. Often times the uses of your business’s server or other IT equipment will not require any more support that you can get from your IT professional or firm, or even from manufacturer brochures or videos online. We at Online Concepts Inc are in the business of building long terms relationships with our business clients, and there is often no better way to do that then to save our clients thousands of dollars on manufacturer support packages that may not be necessary for their business.   

5. We offer fast repair or replacements! 

Online Concepts Inc.'s policy on equipment repair is that we are not just selling your business IT equipment and then leaving your company behind to navigate the figuratively shark infested waters of getting manufacturers to honor their warranties; which usually takes a lot of time and can be known to be quite difficult if you are not experienced in this area. With Online Concepts Inc. if your server or servers need replacement parts or repair while still under manufacturer or extended warranty we will have a certified technician replace those parts and get your equipment back up and running quickly, and then we will deal with being reimbursed by the manufacturer for any parts or labor required to do so.   

6. We offer free IT equipment finance consulting! 

At Online Concepts Inc. we know that outlaying tens of thousands of dollars upfront for one or more pieces of IT equipment may not be a viable option for your business at the present time. That is why we will guide you on how to get a copy of your business’s credit report, and we will go over that report with you in detail to see if a corporate only financing option exists for your company; that is where the business’s credit alone supports the financial approval. However; if your business lacks sufficient credit but you as the business owner have a personal credit score that is in at least the high 600’s (usually 680 +), and if you are a homeowner with a clean mortgage payment history, then there are usually banks and or credit unions local to your area that will provide equipment financing at fairly decent rates. With technology equipment the banks consider it to be higher risk, so you may pay between 7% and 10% for a 3 or 4 year term. Five or six year terms are possible if you can find a specialized leasing company who will take you on as a client. You may be able to get a desirable rate with one of those companies on a longer term; but unless you deal directly with them (not using a broker) you will usually not get a desirable rate. We have seen offers for leasing that were brokered that were as high as 22% or more. That is because most brokers make their living by marking up the interest rates on their client’s leases. For better rates on personally guaranteed leases and finance agreements your business will need to, in most cases, be at least 3 years old and have some kind of positive trade history on Dun & Bradstreet. Also, all owners owning 20% or more will need to have acceptable credit, and often need to be homeowners. The good news is that no matter how the financing is structured; either as an EFA (equipment finance agreement) or as a lease, there are significant tax advantages under IRS code 179 to financing or leasing the equipment. 

With Online Concepts Inc. what you can count on is being guided towards the best possible solutions if equipment financing or leasing is a possibility for your business.   

7. We can save your business on  other products. 

Online Concepts Inc. are also HP Business Partners, which means that if you order any HP products, such as desktop computers, laptop computers, tablets, or printers through us when you order HPE products such as servers or storage equipment, we will usually be able to beat any competitors price.  

NOTE: We only offer this as an add on service to clients purchasing HPE server equipment. We do not take orders under $20,000 for any HP products unless you are using our services for HPE servers and/or storage equipment. 

Online Concepts Inc. also offers discounts on IBM, Lenovo, Dell and Cisco IT equipment; however, the savings will not be as great as they will be on HPE Technology.   



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