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Online Concepts Inc builds customized servers and server systems for its clients using fully warrantied new or manufacturer refurbished parts. Read below to find out if your business could benefit from a customized server.

Many business owners do not know whether their business actually needs a server. In fact you may believe that your business already has a server; referring to a separate Personal Computer (PC) that you use to share your files and store backups; and that what you are using is sufficient and completely safe.  But the truth is that even if you are running that PC 24/7 the reality is that it is not a real server. The norm for a PC is for it to be turned off after the day’s use. It is not supposed to be, nor designed to be, left running all the time like an actual server.

A PC's internal components may not always be of the highest quality or what might be considered to be top of the line. This means that the PC you are using as a server for your business might end up crashing if it is continually left on...around the clock day after day, week after week and month after month. That could end up with your company losing many, if not all, of its important files and documents.  It could also result in the possibility of losing all of your important client contacts and email messages.

A Server is designed to run 24/7 for your business. So you can leave your server on all the time without having to worry about a crash from over usage. Your server will have server redundancy and the ability to run multiple disk drives at the same time.  This will allow you to make changes to it’s different components without having to turn it off or stop all of your running processes. Attempting this on a PC would result in a nightmare. 

Online Concepts Inc can help guide you through the process of getting your Customized Server System installed and operational. We can customize your server in any way that you like, saving you tousands of dollars by using either new or manufacturer refurbished parts that are all warrantied. Linux operating systems are even offered free of charge and Windows Server 2016 is offered at a substantial discount (as much as 50% off). We can also assist you by offering ongoing training as well...for FREE. 

After reading this, and doing any additional research, you may feel that your business may not have a need for an actual server. You may feel that it is not necessary. However, the fact is, a server will allow you to run your business much more effectively and efficiently. 

Keep in mind, that not only does an Server (such as the servers Online Concepts Inc provides like an HPE Proliant DL580), offer server redundancy, it will simultaneously help you keep your business more in-line with your data recovery plan. 

Having an actual server will absolutely keep your business related data far more secure than any computer to computer network with terminals performing the majority of the tasks without centralized support. 

So, what can a Customized Server System do for your business?

Once you are properly connected to a powerful Server like an HP DL580 purchased from Online Concepts Inc,  you server will allow you to:  

  • Consolidate your business data storage and better utilize its resources
  • Provide your business with increased security while simultaneously increasing your internal network’s reliability
  • Better organize all of your business emails, client contacts, calendars
  • Properly backup ALL of your data
  • Better protect itself by managing virus threats as well as have better control over spam within your company emails

Bottom line is, with a proper server system you will see a huge return in regards to time efficiency for the simple fact that you will be able to access all of your business’s data far more quickly with less difficulty. Also, having a Customized Enterprise Class Server from Online Concepts Inc, such as a Lenovo System X3950 X6 6241 XEON E7, will provide a very secure, offline, central location for sharing information with multiple users on multiple devices within your company. This will also lead to improved client/customer relationships as your employees will be able to respond to customers faster and more efficiently; and that should, in the long run, lower your client attrition rate, leading to greater growth and profits for the future of your company.  

If you are concerned about the cost of a Server your local bank may be able to provide equipment financing. Financing can create a significant tax incentive for your company under Tax Code Section 179. This allows you to deduct the full cost of the equipment from your business’s taxes! This is all the more reason to consider a Server for your business.  

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